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This article confirms why there should be a comprehensive audit of the school district before the complete return to local control. See MoreSee Less

BREAKING NEWS: DAVID HESPE, FORMER NJ ED CHIEF, HIRED IN NEWARK SCHOOLS BY CHRIS CERF, FORMER NJ ED CHIEF–These public jobs in New Jersey are like contagious viruses–spread quickly among friends. So…

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Newark NAACP shared Newark Public Library‘s post. See MoreSee Less

For all of your dedication, passion, brilliance, phenomenal style, and love for your community, we thank you. We honor you. And we will miss you dearly. Rodney Gilbert, may you rest peacefully.

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There is no coloration to rights. Everybody has rights. I don’t care who you are, where you come from. You got rights. I got rights. All God’s children got rights. We could make a song out of this. But anyway, I think this discussion is more a diversion than anything else. Because we all have rights. And they are human rights because we are human beings. And that’s just it for me. -Julian Bond