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Lest we forget…..America is great because of its workers. See MoreSee Less

Supporting Verizon workers who have the coura
ge of their conviction that all workers should be treated fairly, not just the executives!

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Together we did it. We stood up for good jobs, our communities and our families.

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This day is about more than cook-outs. See MoreSee Less

For nearly 150 years, soldiers and civilians have come together in May to honor the fallen heroes of our nation for their sacrifice and give thanks to those who died in service to our country.


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Newark NAACP is busy in June! See MoreSee Less

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Newark NAACP added a new photo. See MoreSee Less

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There is no coloration to rights. Everybody has rights. I don’t care who you are, where you come from. You got rights. I got rights. All God’s children got rights. We could make a song out of this. But anyway, I think this discussion is more a diversion than anything else. Because we all have rights. And they are human rights because we are human beings. And that’s just it for me. -Julian Bond